Manzo Ristorante

Manzo Risorante is one of the many bustling restaurants inside of Eataly in New York City. Since "manzo" literally translates into beef, this restaurant features many different cuts of meat and styles of preparation. Piedmont, Italy is best known for its gorgeous beef, and we were fortunate enough to be able to have the carpaccio which features Piemontese Beef. Each thinly sliced layer was melt in your mouth perfect, and had a salty bite from the guanciale (pig cheek) vinaigrette. The dish also had a fried quail egg and a small salad of radicchio, chive, and frisee. Combine this with the beautiful selection of bread for the table and you've got a match made in heaven.

For our second course, we decided on the orecchiette ("small ear" shaped, hand made pasta). The pasta was perfectly paired with a hearty broccoli rabe pesto and spicy, sweet italian sausage. Each bite was absolutely bursting with flavor. After this course, we both found ourselves to be in a bit of a food coma so we decided to call it quits and have a couple of cappuccinos before leaving. Overall, our dining experience at Manzo was quite the palatable experience and we'll definitely be returning in the near future.

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