Isn’t it every foodie’s dream to have luscious produce and gorgeous cuts of meat at their fingertips? This is exactly what draws thousands of people to Eataly in New York City every day. Eataly is owned by culinary geniuses Mario Batali, Lidia Bastianich and Joe Bastianich. Walking in any one of the many entrances and your senses will immediately be overwhelmed by delicious smells and vibrant displays. Since discovering this dynasty the last time that I was in New York, I have been absolutely itching to go back.

Their choice of presentation for produce is something to be admired. They offer just about every imaginable variation of each and every fruit and vegetable. Looking at the mushroom section alone, you’re presented with about twenty different varieties (not to mention the white truffles that were for sale for a small sum of nearly $6,000/lb). 

The seafood is organized by shellfish, caviar, and fish. Each cut of fish is absolutely perfect, there are even a few fish that you can purchase whole. I love the surprise of being presented with a variety of fish that I don’t recognize (and I’m still unsure of the little peach with the cup in its mouth in the picture above). 

The meat counter features everything from a gorgeous leg of lamb to a stunning filet of beef. There are also a bunch of ground meats available, from lamb burgers to turkey sausage. To say the very least, being surrounded by all of that stunning food was an inspiration. Alex and I even took the chance to dine at one of Eataly’s nine restaurants, which I’ll be posting about later this week!

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